Friday, March 4, 2011

101 in 1001 - The List

I'm embarassed to even post this list. Yes, I've already completed some things on it. Others, I've given up on already.

So I'm giving myself the right to edit--"Life is a journey; not a destination"--or something like that.

Here, as it stands now, is my 101 in 1001 list.

The Mission: Complete 101 predetermined tasks in a period of 1001 days.

The Criteria:  Tasks must be specific and measurable.

Timeline:  I will begin working on these tasks January 1, 2011 and finish at midnight September 27, 2013

The List:

1. Learn how to use the self-timer on my camera - DONE
2. Work through all my Photoshop tutorials
3. Buy a DSLR camera and learn to use it
4. Write a will
5. Start a memoir
6. Buy a car
7. Pay off my credit cards
8. Pay off my loans to Mom and Dad
9. Start a business
10. See Mary at least once every month
11. Go snorkeling
12. Go to Hawaii
13. Visit Peter and Anne Marie in Colorado
14. Visit Sarah in Massachusetts--go whale watching!
15. Visit Claire in BC
16. Take a road trip with my sister
17. Take a trip with Mary
18. Visit Michele in NC
19. Visit Southampton in the summer
20. Visit Chelsea in Vermont
21. Go on a cruise
22. Go to Las Vegas; spend a day at the spa in the Venetian
23. Find a counselor who really helps me; attend regular sessions (2x/month if possible)

24. Go dancing
25. Go horseback riding
26. Re-purpose at least one item of clothing
27. Learn to make hair accessories (flower clips, etc.)

28. Complete one knitting project
29. Finish one Project Life album
30. Blog 3x/week
31. Experiment with different ways to relax and STAY relaxed (a massage from Cassy where I DON'T TALK!)
32. Write a list of 50 things I like about myself
33. Scan and organize all my printed photos
34. Finish key-wording photos

35. Complete at least one art journal 
36. Write a list of 100 things that make me happy
37. Put together at least 10 outfits I feel good in, accessories included
38. Read one book every two weeks
39. Write a list of things that each person in my life has taught me
40. Print out, frame and hang the pictures that make me smile
41. Make a list of my 50 most favorite quotes
42. Participate in NaBloPoMo every November at the very least
43. Try out all the makeup, hair products and jewelry I own, including samples
44. Watch movies I've always wanted to see--and those I could never imagine myself seeing
45. Print my blog from beginning to now and add to my scrapbooks
46. Participate in Reverb in December
47. Say yes to everything for a week
48. Follow the Happiness Project for a year
49. Reduce my medication

50. Laugh out loud every single day
51. Take the Mondo Beyondo course
52. Attend Loral's business conference
54. Try one new recipe every month
55. Have someone redesign my blog - DONE

56. Spend at least 3 hours/week reading other people's blogs and newsletters
57. Masterful Scrapbook Design - complete 1 layout each month
58. Big Picture Classes
59. Complete the January 2011 Ultimate Blog Challenge - DONE (kind of! did 13 or so days out of 31)
60. Organize paper and computer files
61. Pay attention when I hear new music I like and get it for myself!
62. Make, print out and use checklists for my goals
63. Back up my computer at least once a month
64. Get rid of unnecessary expenses
65. Do 1 thing every week that scares me
66. Hang up bulletin boards, white board, affirmations--store things in binders
67. Do 1 thing every week to help or support someone else
68. Fill up my med/vitamin containers at the beginning of each week
69. Refill medication BEFORE I need it!

70. Save $5 for every task I complete
71. Get a new CPAP machine and mask
72. Connect with the local CMHA
73. Fill out a food journal for 6 weeks; then visit a nutritionist with my results
74. Lose 60 pounds

75. Find some way to add exercise to my everyday life, especially during the winter - if I get a car, get a YMCA membership; see if I have room for my recumbent bike at the apt, etc.
76. Create a simple exercise routine I can do at home that will help rehab my body with the help of Lisa, Zach and Adam (have Pete film, if possible)
77. Get a health/fitness assessment from a personal trainer (are these free? - research)
78. Eat more protein and vegetables and less junk food and carbs
79. Do 31 self-portraits in 31 days with Mary Jane (January) - DONE
80. Work with Laura again (in some capacity!)
81. Write a list of 20 skills and resources I have that I can barter with
82. Write a list of what I need help with and set up bartering exchanges
83. Create and nurture my support system
84. Put up cat shelves
85. Get a tattoo
86. Keep my apt. clean enough that I could have a friend drop by at any time
87. Keep fresh flowers or live plants in my apt. whenever I'm here
88. Make it to X blog followers (page views?) - research
89. Have my relaxation cassette tape from Joy converted into an mp3 file
90. Follow up with every single person who contacts me - make charts and files to keep up
91. Visit Gram at least 1x/month (increase if I get a car)
92. Practice singing
93. Do "one word" every year -- 2011: healing

94. Get more treatments for my rosacea
95. Kiss someone from each continent
96. Take a self-defense course
97. Take a first-aid course
98. Enter a photo contest
99. Private
100. Private

101. Private 

To be continued!
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